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Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock
Pet Grooming Hammock

Pet Grooming Hammock

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Let Your Pet Fall In Love With Grooming!

Have you ever tried grooming or cutting your dog's nails 🐾 but didn't have anyone to help you hold your pup?

Our Grooming Hammock does the holding for you!

Cradle your little one in a swaddle and watch calmness and relaxation take over with the pet grooming hammock, safe for all family pets.

We help you ease their fears with our comfy hammock so they can enjoy groomingtrimming and bathing without any trouble!

No more wrestling, fighting, or chasing your pet! 


  • Comfortable
    Our Grooming Hammock is made from soft, skin-friendly double-layer flannel fabric. designed to secure your dog safely and comfortably, even over long time periods, this hammock will help to reduce the risk of injury when taking care of your dog’s basic grooming needs including trimming nails, cleaning teeth and ears, applying eye drops, and giving medication.

  • Multifunction:
    The dog grooming hammock helper can be used for Bathing, grooming, trimming nails, and picking ears. It can also be used as a bath towel. Soft and comfortable material can make your pet feel very comfortable and relax.

  • Unique Design:
    With four small round holes and two "S" hooks, the hammock helper can be easily and simply hung on any position of the suspension rod. Also, four large round holes can be easily hung on the hammock for grooming and nail trimming

  • 3 different sizes
    based on your dog’s body length, however, even the largest size is only capable of supporting the weight of a small dog.

  • Easy To use
    Simply place your dog’s legs in each of the four holes in the hammock and then bring the two sides of the hammock together. Using the provided S hooks, suspend your dog from a secure area by the reinforced grommets.

  • Easy to Clean
    The dog grooming hammock is very easy to clean. It can be washed in warm or cold water, or machine-washed, but it is recommended not to use the strong washing mode. Otherwise, the hook hole may be damaged or the service life may be shortened.

Why you'll love our Grooming Hammock:

  • Comfortable trimming- Help your buddy stay calm while you do the trimming, easily keep them in place while you cut their nails!

  • Stress-free grooming- Elevated in their comfy hammock, your pets will stay relaxed as you groom them from a comfortable position!

  • Painless bathing- Tired of fighting before every bath time, pacify your grumpy friend to ensure no one will get hurt as you bathe them!


  • Color: Red, Blue, Grey

  • Material: Flannel

  • Size: 

  • Packet: 1* Pet Grooming Hammock